January 7 – May 31, 2019

ONLINE SIGN UP LINK HERE – Opens 4pm, 16th November

Please take the time with your child to look at the ACTIVITY OFFERINGS and DESCRIPTIONS of the activities. Activities run PER SEMESTER (except for Seasonal Sports Activities and those that indicate respective dates of activity).

Please ensure you have read the Registration and Activities GuidelinesRegistration opens November 16th at 4pm. ​

Registration is of FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS (time-stamped) and will close on November 21st at 4pm.​ ​

Helpful Information:

  • No log-in required. You will need to give the student’s details (name, grade level, student’s ISM email). You will need to provide your contact information (phone and email).
  • You will need to sign up with the expectation that your child is attending all days of the particular activity. We will only accept single day changes when all enrollments are completed (except those activities which indicate “Must attend both sessions”).
  • Unless otherwise specified, activities with A and B groups are simply to differentiate the days they run.
  • Please look for the confirmation note when you have clicked submit. There will be a sign-up acknowledgement receipt sent to the parent email provided, however, if you have submitted your parent email address incorrectly you may not receive this but your entry will still have been submitted.
  • Please note if you submit a second sign-up, this will cancel your original entry so you will lose your first time stamp. Parents/student must decide who is going to submit the form. If a second one is submitted in the student’s name, it will cancel the previous.

Please note you may submit another sign up, however we will take the most recent without exception, this will mean you will lose your original sign-up time stamp place.

ACTIVITIES SELECTION: It is important to PRIORITIZE your child’s selections appropriately. Please see below the process in which the Activities Office place students.

  • Students are sorted by their first priority in order of sign-up time stamp. (Where possible we aim to give everybody their first priority choice.)
  • Should sign ups exceed the maximum capacity of a class, we place students on a wait list for their preferred classes. We will contact a wait-listed student as soon as a slot is open.
  • Students are then sorted in order of their second priority in order of sign-up time stamp, filling any remaining slots, and then placed on the waiting list as above.
  • This process is followed through all of the priority lists.

ONLINE SIGN UP LINK HERE – Opens 4pm16th November

​We will send a confirmation email on or before December 11th. This form will have the child’s schedule of confirmed activities.​


Thank you,


Holly Chapman

ES/MS Activities Coordinator