Activity Descriptions Semester 1



Mon & Fri, Fee: Php 2000

Paint, draw, create!  We will create art works that makes us happy and excited.  This is a time to explore different art media and techniques after school.  Enjoy the creative process and let your imagination soar!


Mon & Thu, Fee: Php 2000

Interested in the latest fashion trends and blog-worthy styles?

Join us as we handcraft an assortment of clothes and accessories inspired by looks from right off the runway! Have a blast creating the freshest fashion pieces using interesting techniques and a variety of materials, both recycled and brand new. Make your own dip-dyed tops, woven bracelets, chic tote bags, wire art, cocktail spike rings, spray-painted rhinestone necklaces, neon rope cuffs and more! This class will provide you with a starter kit and teach you the basic skills that you can use to make even more fashion projects at home. Breathe new life into your old stuff and transform them into something cool!

Let your creative juices flow and update your wardrobe and jewelry box while you’re at it!


Wed & Fri, Fee: Php 2000

Explore the magic of fabric as you create your very own bags, pillows, lanterns, accessories, toys, and more! Your imagination and creativity will soar as you experiment with your own artistic ideas when completing a craft or designing your own projects. Every session is worth looking forward to as you work in a friendly, caring, and supportive environment with your favorite music playing in the background. Absolutely no sewing skills required!


Tue & Thu, Fee: Php 2000

This activity will allow students to explore and practice basic strokes and techniques of hand lettering and brush calligraphy using pencils, fine liners, markers, brush pens, watercolor, and chalk. Students can expect to be able to bring their favorite quotes and texts to life through designing and styling their writing in cards, envelopes, tags, posters, and postcards, among other things!


Wed, Fee: Php 2000

Simple, healthful and close to nature.

Our aim is to promote wellness by creating natural products out of some simple ingredients we can just found in our home kitchen. Students will learn how to be resourceful in creating goods that are highly useful at home and school and even for personal consumption. Be mindful of what nature can offer and how we can safeguard our environment by staying away from any harmful chemical elements.

Tue & Thu, Fee: Php 2000

Paint your dream artwork. Explore the relaxing and calming practice of painting. No experience needed, just a great attitude to explore color, paint, composition and other art language.


Wed & Thu, Fee: Php 2000

Come make creative art works with sculpting!  This activity is for Middle School who is in to building & sculpting, The Sculpting studio is an activity for kids to work with their hands and imagination to make a 3D Artwork. The class will explore different sculpting media such as plasters, ceramics & other types of clay



Tue & Thu, 3:15-4:15pm Fee: Php 2000

The students are taught basic steps such as plié in first and second position of the feet; proper placement of arms in first, second, third and fifth; tendus front, side and back; relevés and sautés in first and second, and waltz steps. Russian first port de bras exercises are given to the students for proper usage of the arms and head.

The student will learn to show good posture and understand and execute some of the simple vocabularies through verbal instruction from the teacher. The steps are given with the accompaniment of music; the student will learn to do the steps musically.


Tue & Thu,  4:00-4:45pm, Fee: Php 2000

Pop dance through the years…learn the popular dance steps that influenced generations from the 80s to the present!


Fee: Php 2000

It is a dance-style of American theatrical dance, distinguished by percussive footwork that marks out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor. Students will develop an emphasis on rhythm and timing with relation to fundamental technique and awareness of Tap.

It’s a dance-style of American theatrical dance, distinguished by percussive footwork that marks out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor. Students will develop an emphasis on rhythm and timing with relation to fundamental technique and awareness of Tap.

Tap 4

Mon & Fri, 3:15-4:15pm

This class is for students with basic skills.  Includes time steps, coordination skills and more complex footwork, combinations and routines.

Tap 5 & 6

Tue & Thu, 3:15-4:15pm

This class introduces demonstrates advanced time steps, more difficult footwork, combinations and routines.


Fee: Php 2000

Jazz 2 for Gr 5-6, Mon & Wed

Smile away the hour as you immerse your body and soul in a dance style that combines beginner to intermediate dance technique with hip-hop and club steps. Focus on breathing and posture during jazz warm-up and follow with fun and funky combinations.

Jazz 3 for Gr 7-8, Tue & Fri

In this fun and challenging class, students will further their knowledge by learning more complex dance combinations and steps. A final performance piece will be set to current music.




Mon & Fri, Fee: Php 2000

This after-school activity is designed to unleash the creativity of our young adults expressed in art of doing 3D. Creating art is a very effective way to stimulate the brain and anyone can do it.

BYOD GAMING (Bring Your Own Device)

Grade 5-6 Tue, Grade 7-8 Thu

We play all kinds of school-appropriate games on our laptops, mobiles, and tablets.  All are welcome, both girls and boys.


Wed & Thu

Student can choose to be involved in one or BOTH of the following activities: Scenes from Shakespeare (Wed) and Musical Theater Devising (Thurs). The activity will culminate in an MS Drama Festival on Wednesday 6th December. Each group will perform their work. Let you imaginations run wild and experience the world of Drama.



Genius Hour is becoming a staple in many classrooms around the world allowing students to take ownership of their learning. Students work independently, or in groups of 2 or 3 focusing on projects they are passionate about.


Wed & Fri, Fee: Php 2000

Students will learn how to plan and prepare a healthy snack or a simple meal that promotes good nutrition. They will learn about different strategies in working around the kitchen and gain confidence in using different kitchen tools.


Tue & Thu, Fee: 2000

Discover the world of Junior Engineers where science, technology, math and engineering collide with fun through a range of challenging projects, experiments, games and activities. Get inspired as your natural curiosity will be enhanced and applied in engineering concepts. Learn and experience everything in an exciting hands-on approach that will allow you to develop and express yourself in one of the fastest growing industries in the world!


Tue & Thu, Fee: Php 5000

Students will learn the basics of Lego Mindstorm Programming and Engineering. They will work in small groups to build and design robots using Lego to accomplish specific challenges. During the last 8 weeks students will work on the First LEGO League challenge in which they will design a robot to complete various missions on a challenge board.


Mon & Wed, Fee: Php 5000

The Robotics Vex IQ Competition club is for students who have prior robotics experience and wish to compete in teams using Vex IQ hardware and RobotC line code. Instruction to be successful will be provided. Students work in groups of three to four to build and program a custom robot to solve the annual challenge which changes every year. This is a time intensive club that meets twice a week but also requires a few Saturday labs leading up to our local ISM competition Robo Rumble in November. The winning three teams from the ISM Robo Rumble competition will qualify for a trip to Hong Kong to compete with regional schools. Students must be enrolled or have taken Intro to Robotics.

SALINLAHI (All year round)

Tue fortnightly

The Salinlahi Yearbook is looking for students who have an interest in learning about how a yearbook is planned, designed, edited and published. Students will be actively involved in selecting photos at Middle School events and activities, Join the team and help produce a yearbook that you will always remember.


Tue & Thu

Yoga is an ancient system of breathing, physical exercises and, meditation intended to integrate the body, mind, and spirit. It originated in India several thousand years ago. The focus is an introduction to basic yoga poses & healthy alignment. Students will learn and practice standing asana (poses) such as Mountain, Warrior, Triangle, Downward Facing Dog as well as seated poses, plus beginner modifications to inversions and backbends. This class also incorporates yogic breathing, meditation, and relaxation techniques— great for stress relief and overall relaxation.



Tue / Wed /Thu

A group class for Guitar composed of 10 students per class. It will tackle different faces of the instruments learning its notation and other different means of reading Guitar music as the “tablature”. Easy classical pieces will be introduced first. Now and then some guitar chords will be studied to let the students learn how to accompany a song and a singer. Eventually a student will choose his own style whether he wants to learn more of pop music or concentrate on classical guitar.


These sports clubs are especially for students who are not representing ISM in the ATAC Activities. They are more of recreational than the ATAC program.



Aikido is a peaceful, non-competitive form of martial art that can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age and gender, as an effective method for self-defense. Its key principle is based on harmonization with the energy of the opponent and execution of techniques to neutralize an attack. Developed on the concept of non-aggression, the philosophy of Aikido is summarized in the famous literary work “The Art of Peace” by its Japanese founder, Morihei Ueshiba.

Aside from self-defense, Aikido offers many additional benefits. Among these are falling skills, flexibility exercises, and centering activities. With Aikido students will be able to develop instinctive skills to take unexpected falls safely, thereby minimizing physical injuries.

Martial arts uniform is not compulsory, however, we highly recommend that students have a uniform for protection. After two weeks of attendance for students who don’t have uniform yet, the coach may send out a uniform or belt order form in case you wish to purchase for your child. After you sign, the form needs to be returned to the coach so he can get the student’s size. Payments may only be made at the cashier’s office.

AQUATICS (Swimming)

Mon & Fri OR Tue & Thu

This is a non-competitive programme. We can cater for complete beginners through to intermediate level looking to improve certain aspects of strokes in preparation for the competitive Sailfish Swim Team.




Students will learn the basic rules of the game, learn the moves of the pieces and the value of each chess piece. They will be challenged to some basic chess problems and learn basic principles of the opening, middle and end game.  Monthly tournaments will be held using a different opening liner.


Students will learn advanced tactics and strategies. They will solve more challenging chess problems and learn principles in greater depth.  Monthly tournaments will be held using a different opening liner.


Mon & Wed, Fee: Php 2000

Ever wanted to run away with the circus? Now is your chance to learn some skills seen in the circus including: juggling, clowning, unicycles, Chinese YoYos and basic tumbling routines. This is about having fun and learning some new skills. No previous experience needed. We will teach you all you need to know. Patience and persistence are essential!


Tue & Thu

This program is for students who are not part of the ATAC competitive ISM Varsity Program.

Our gymnastics program challenges students to master skills involving strength, rhythm, balance & flexibility.

This program will introduce floor exercises focused on balance, posture, positioning, and movements.  Students will perform gymnastic skills individually, in combination and in sequence.  They will also perform varied movements such as balances, inverted stunts and rolls using a variety of gymnastic equipment, with the aim of showing as much control as possible.



Master the ancient Japanese martial art of Judo.  It develops discipline and strength.  Students will learn the skills of balancing, falling, rolling, grappling and sparring.


  • Students will learn the Break Fall (Ukemi) and Judo Roll
  • Students will learn at least 2-3 techniques (e.g. 1 throw like a O-Soto Gari (Outer-Reaping Leg Throw).
  • Students will learn the back to back fight or ground techniques.


  • Students must be able to perform the Break fall (Ukemi) & Judo Roll
  • Students will learn at least 4-5 throws (e.g. O-Soto Gari, Hip Throw, Neck Throw, One-Arm Shoulder Throw & Body Drop)
  • Students will learn the  Randori (a free fight within the rules of Judo)
  • Students will learn to use different offensive and defensive techniques

Martial arts uniform is not compulsory, however, we highly recommend that students have a uniform for protection. After two weeks of attendance for students who don’t have uniform yet, the coach may send out a uniform or belt order form in case you wish to purchase for your child. After you sign, the form needs to be returned to the coach so he can get the student’s size. Payments may only be made at the cashier’s office.



The activity aims to introduce the sport of Table Tennis to the MS Students through a progressive range of fun and innovative lessons and activities. In this program, students will have the opportunity to develop their Table Tennis skills such as visual tracking, eye-foot and body coordination. Students will also learn how to use skills and direct the ball towards a target area and accomplish assigned challenges.



​Tae Kwon Do is a korean martial arts that includes kicking, punching, self defense, and forms. This year, we will be applying the stripes curriculum where in the students will collect all the stripes color (yellow, blue, red, brown, and black) that will be attached to their belts. Each belt corresponds a different activity that they need to perform and memorize, once they collect all the stripes they are ready to take the next belt testing.

Martial arts uniform is not compulsory, however, we highly recommend that students have a uniform for protection. After two weeks of attendance for students who don’t have uniform yet, the coach may send out a uniform or belt order form in case you wish to purchase for your child. After you sign, the form needs to be returned to the coach so he can get the student’s size. Payments may only be made at the cashier’s office.


Tue OR Fri, Fee: Php 6500 (for 10 sessions, Php 650 following per session)

Ever dream of running away to join the circus? Has the thought of flying through the air, weightless and free, with the greatest of ease ever cross your mind? Well now you can!

Welcome to Flying Trapeze Philippines (FTP), the FIRST and ONLY full size Flying Trapeze rig in the Philippines and one of only a few in all of Asia!

Located in the heart of Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, FTP is ideal for adrenaline and fitness junkies looking to tryout an alternative form of exercise.

Great for all ages, skill levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced), shapes and sizes, the flying trapeze allows you to tone your upper body and core muscles in a fun and challenging environment.

The fee of 6500 pesos is for 10 sessions. Any extra sessions are charged at a rate of 650 peso per session. 

Note this is an off-site activity within 1.5km of ISM and students will be transported to and from school. 

Limited to 7 students per class.


Tue OR Fri

Experience climbing our school’s safe and challenging wall.

Our program is designed to develop the attitude, confidence, discipline, perseverance, coordination and physical fitness of the students. ISM’s climbers are some of the most respected competitors in the country.  It is our mission to train our students to be more competitive not only locally but internationally as well.


Season 1: August 29-October 13, 2017

Season 2: November 6, 2017-February 2, 2018


Tue for Grade 7 & 8, Thu for Grade 5 & 6

1st Season

This is a Club Program offering students an opportunity to develop individual skills in badminton – learn to score and play games. Some basic skills will be taught during game play which includes serving, net play, rear and mid court shots. Students may gain enough skills to join the Middle School ATAC Program in season 3. This activity will develop social interaction in a fun environment.


Mon & Wed

1st Season

Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of 11 players on a field, at the centre of which is a rectangular 22-yard long pitch. One team bats, trying to score as many runs as possible while the other team bowls and fields, trying to dismiss the batsmen and thus limit the runs scored by the batting team. A run is scored by the striking batsman hitting the ball with his bat, running to the opposite end of the pitch and touching the crease there without being dismissed. The teams switch between batting and fielding at the end of an innings. You will be able to play an indoor version of the game and develop all the skills needed to play the game well.



1st Season

You will be able to take part in sports, games, and activities you have done in Physical Education. Examples are Badminton, Volleyball and Basketball. Game examples include Hide Under the Mat, Capture the Flag, Dodge Ball, etc.


Thu for Grade 5 & 6, Tue for Grade 7 & 8

2nd Season

Develop your soccer skills, girls and boys! MS Soccer Club will provide students with opportunities for game play and the possibility of playing in some festivals.


Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri *Tennis will not be offered on Wednesdays

1st Season, Fee: Php 3500

Participants may avail of up to 4 sessions per week. Please note, you must nominate the daily sessions you will attend in order for coaches to plan lessons and for them to know which sessions students will attend. Please check the relevant boxes on the electronic sign up sheet to nominate the day(s) your child will attend.The MS Bearcats tennis academy program is a season based program and has a limit on numbers to ensure quality coaching with a focus on age/skill appropriate tennis skills/drills.

MS Tennis Beginners 1 (Grade 5-8 Max No. of Students: 18) Students will develop a range of basic tennis skills through fun skill based sessions that incorporate all aspects of fundamental tennis skills (ground strokes/serving, etc and modified small games)

MS Tennis Intermediate/Advanced (Grade 5-8 Max No. of Students: 18) Students will be placed in this group if they have the basic fundamentals of the game and can rally consistently with a partner and show good form with ground strokes, serving and volleying techniques. Coaches will focus on higher level extension tennis skills and drills to enhance skill development in all aspects of the game and match play tactics/strategy appropriate to the player’s ability level.


  • PE or tennis clothes,
  • Tennis Shoes/runners; Tennis Racquet



Various Days and Times (See below)

These courses are for children who want to maintain their first language development. Organized by parents, students will join other children in speaking, reading and writing with peers.

Dutch – Wednesdays – 3:00 – 4:30

Hindi – Friday – 3.15 – 4.15

Swedish – Wednesdays – 3.00

Danish – Mondays & Wednesdays – 3.00 – 4.15

Russian – Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays as preferred – 3.15 – 4.15

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